Writers Need New Inspiration

What can you do without inspiration?

Rarely does a day go by that I don’t make a note of some new concept, an idea, or a thought that might be a blog post, a book, a short story or essay, or in some other way be inspiration for writing. Every event inspires me in some way or other.

So I write them down.

In a notebook, on my i-pad, or even on my phone, now that it has note one, too. I write down my thoughts and inspirations so I can come back later and write them out, edit them, and turn them into marketable content. I earn my living from my writing, whether it is a published book, an article, content, or my own blog, my objective is to make a profit from writing.

Inspiration to a writer is a golden opportunity to accomplish something of value through words.

Where you find inspiration may be determined more by what you’re looking for than what you’re doing. As a young mother, my inspiration often came from my children, or those around me who were educating their own children, or working to raise a family. Often I inspired writerswrote children based content for publications marketing directly to parents. That was my focus, therefore my content followed my own interests.

As I matured, so did my content. 

I occasionally write a travel piece, based on an adventure that wouldn’t appeal much to a mother of four young children, yet I found it appealing enough to not only take the trip, but write about it and gather a few photos as well. While some writers chase their inspiration to foreign countries, on huge adventures, through mysterious lands, others focus on life and what’s happening around them to make their writing pop, gather interest, and develop a following.

What you write about is up to you.

Working through your day, wherever you are, there are a few things you can do to find inspiration, even if your day means you’re stuck at home, thinking about writing. Here are a few writer subjects and prompts for you to use if you need them.writer for profit

  1. Write about the devotions you read this morning and share your own story in a devotional.
  2. Create a daily list of things you’d like to accomplish and separate them into doable events.
  3. Write an essay based on something you see out your window. Even a tree can be the basis of a story.
  4. Write a memory to share with your grandchildren.
  5. Create a lunch time vignette to share with a friend, and include some dialogue.
  6. Write an essay about your first love, how you met, and include an ending. Remember to share your emotions.
  7. Pillow talk. Write a discussion you’d like to have with someone pillow-to-pillow.

Even essays such as these can be profitable if you market them to the right publisher. You decide how much you want your writing to make and pursue whatever avenues you need to make that happen. Never, ever, give up.

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