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Writer Profits – Are You Dog Tired, Butt Ugly, and Sick of Being Broke?

Writer profits will fix your issue if you’re dog tired, butt ugly, and sick of being broke. Anyone can write for profit. That’s a living fact, I have writers on my team that you’d think might never make a dime from their wordsmithing skills, because they have none (just being honest), but they have something that makes their writing sell like cold beer at a hot summer ball game.

They have style.

There’s a significant bit of truth in the fact that if you can tell a story and hold your audience, you can write a best seller. The best writers, write just like they talk, and they talk up a good storm with some serious detail in their stories.

list building strategy

The real deal with writing for profit is finding your audience. Who wants to read what you write?

Writer profits start with a list.

You know, you’d never just publish a book and send it to everyone in Missouri. Not everyone out there is going to read it, so why would you sent your book to everyone in the hill country? You wouldn’t. You’d think about who might be interested in your book, then send a snippet or two, maybe a query letter, and an invitation to the link where they can read reviews and purchase your book. Right?

But how do you build that powerful marketing list?

You create a list building platform.

A significant part of your writing profits is building a system by which you’ll be able to sell your book, your articles, your white papers, and anything else you care to write. And in doing so, you give something away.

writer profitsOne of my favorite places to market my work is because when I post an article there, I get a quick once over by the publisher to make sure I haven’t been ‘overly sales-y’ in the content of the article. And then they publish it, with a link back to ME so people who are looking for what I offer can find me, on my website, or on their list of published authors, or some other place where I’m linked on the web.

And I don’t have to publish everything I write there under the same brand. If I’m writing about romance, I can write under a brand for that… If I’m writing for copy, either legalese, or business marketing copy, I can write under a brand for that. Either way… I get the opportunity to provide content valuable to other publishers as a guest post on their websites.

All with links back to me.

Can’t beat that with a stick off the beach, let me tell you.

Brand significance matters.

The key element of your brand is the way your content makes your readers feel. Within a given niche, the signature line of your brand is you.

The agency behind the ad is Merkley & Partners, a SoHo-based, full-service ad agency. Their website reads, “Our mission is to push our industry-leading clients through the clutter, and shift perceptions by way of powerful insights and creative thinking. We believe everyone has a story to tell, and an audience willing to listen.” Their clients include All Stanlifters, Armor All, Ad Council, A/C Pro, Credit One Bank, Florida’s Natural, Nutella, Smart, White Castle, and more.

What is your story? Who is your audience?

If you watched Superbowl 2017, or even if you didn’t watch it, the Mercedes Commercial will cross your screen at some point, and you’ll understand the significance of your personal, signature brand.

In 1969, Peter Fonda ended an era and ignited another with his movie, Born To Be Wild. If you didn’t LIVE that time, you may not know the story, and you may have to look it up. But the significance of Peter Fonda, the song, the message, and the power under the hood reveal a Brand Identification that couldn’t have been completed with any lessor credits. No other ‘celebrity’ has had the significant impact on trends that Peter Fonda projected.

I have to personally applaud Merkley & Partners for their expertise in pulling together this incredibly powerful message. It made me feel confident, powerful, and capable to accomplish anything just by watching the video. Imagine how I’d feel behind the wheel of that Mercedes!

Empowerment of Appealing Brand Recognition

Creating your own platform means building on your story. When you find your message and build on that story, the outcome can be incredibly satisfying.

The temptation to allow yourself to be a victim in your story is huge. Everyone wants to think that bad things don’t happen because we make bad choices, but because we are victims, but in reality… We’re only victims of what we allow to happen to us in most situations. When we make decisions not to stand up to intruders, overlords, and those who would ridicule our choices, we accept the outcome.

To be empowered in our lives, we must own the choices we make – ALL of them – and the outcome.

Your brand is your choice. Your story is your brand. Own it. Own the choices you made and the outcome.

Picture It Established

A functional visual of your success should be visible from the early days of your entrance into writing. You’re writing profits will be a direct result of how you see your writing career and what choices, decisions you make, based on your vision of our career. How are you going to picture your writing career? Can you brand your writing career with a logo?

A few years back, I captured a picture that suits me well, and it’s a header on my website.

Jan Verhoeff

The computer, the plant, the coffee reveal much of my writing profits theory. When you find your comfort zone, you can write anything – and be profitable. Your comfort zone comes with a bit of a price. It takes time and effort to grow a plant, and a lot of work to build a writing business. But in that simple graphic, I visualized myself as a successful writer, and posted it. Success came to me.

I got really good at solving people’s problems, sharing solutions, and attracting people to me. Then, with an active call to action, I started building my direct links to a qualified, and quantified buying audience. You can do the same thing, by building a marketing list.

Functional Writing Success & Profits

Content marketing solutions will build your general traffic and audience, but your list will bring them back. Creating functional writing success and profits means pulling in all the assets you have and motivating your audience to increase their presence on your website. More than anything it means convincing them to BUY from you. We are talking profit here.

Tell Your Story

The biggest part of telling your story, making your story a foundation of your success, is acknowledging and empowering your voice to attract buyers.

If you haven’t yet told your story, the banner link above will be helpful, but there’s so much more.

There are systems you’ll want to create and put in place to achieve the kind of writing profits that will support your success.

  • Writing habits – the way you see writing in your life, regardless of what else you’re doing as a career, when you see writing as your career and make it a priority, you become successful.
  • Marketing systems – finding powerful ways to get the word out to your buyers that you’re available to write for them makes a huge difference.
  • Building a tribe – a group of people who market your business along with their own through the planned and purposeful sharing of a singular message.
  • Successful performance – making every piece of your writing life a successful step toward another part of your success. Everything you do should be successful.
  • Learning and educational programs – those ones you purchase and actually USE to make your life easier because they include the systems that will grow your tribe, generate quality, buying traffic, and increase your profits.

Let’s do this!

Coffee Coaching Plan



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