Writer for Profit – How Can YOU Earn Cash Money

Become a writer for profit. Freelance writers make cash income in the bank, and it happens every single day. If you’re looking for places to be published, you need look no further than magazines, blogs, and online markets, because they pay for content, all the time. How do you find paying gigs?

Search for pages such as this – NYT Submission Page – and offer up your submissions, to get published in highly-recognized publications.

The significant basis for freelance writers who wish to become a writer for profit, is finding a continuing resource of new and up-to-date publishing options, where submit your work here is recognized as a profitable venture. I frequently search for such pages, looking for new writer venues, or offering up opportunities for writing to readers on my blogs.

But then… What do you write?

Writer for Profit Recommendations

What can you do to find profitable writing venues?Writer for Profit

  • Search for writer sites, submission pages, and other freelance options on prominent writing/reading sites. If you love the write life, love to read there, you may have something to offer. Look for submission pages.
  • Join writer websites that offer freelancing opportunity. If you can be published on a site, even if you get no payment, your byline, and a reference in your portfolio can make a huge difference in later publications, and payment.
  • Write your own blog! It’s a great opportunity to showcase your best works, link to your published work, and invite others to connect with you to purchase what you write.

These are good steps to get you started as a writer for profit, and there are many more you can apply as well.

Publish Your Story

Becoming a writer for profit is always easier when you have writing credits in your name, and know the value of your work. If you’ve never sold anything you wrote, how can you know the value? Write for yourself and find out what the results can be.


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