Writer for Profit – 3 Quick Ways to Write for Profit Online

Did you ever wonder how the average, every day writer for profit could make a profit writing, online? Well, I’ll tell you, and it isn’t as difficult as you might think, so let’s cut the gab and just get started.

#1 Way to be a Writer for Profit Online –

Write blog posts for other website owners. Writing blog posts may be one of the most time consuming parts of maintaining a website online, and it’s brutal if you have to create a blog post on a timely basis with any real quality of content. Imagine, day in, day out, writing content for a legal website, or a medical site, or even a typical mom site. The research will kill you! Sometimes, every blogger just needs a break. So if you’re willing to write blog posts and do the research, write with some credibility, quality, and reasonably interesting voice, you can offer to write for bloggers. And the best part, MANY will pay you to write for them.

#2 Way to Write for Profit Online – 

Create viable written products that can be marketed online. This one can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be, but Info Products can make your WEALTHY. There really are some Info Marketers who drive fancy cars and live in big fancy houses on the beaches of the world. They really did make their money writing info products and selling them online. It works. It’s one of the most basic ways of making money online, and if you find a niche filled with hungry buyers, you’re going to  make a bundle – even now. People will buy your information if you let them know where to find it. You just have to bring in buyers who want what you sell.

#3 Way to Write for Profit Online – 

This is actually my favorite, and I’ve made a basket of serious cash doing this, because there are many Info Product Producers who will PAY a Ghost Writer to WRITE for Profit what they want to market. And if you find one that will pay you well, who likes what you write, and makes some seriously GOOD money selling what you Write – he will pay you VERY well to write for him, and keep those Info Products coming. This really is my niche. I love writing for the Gurus who make the big bucks and taking a paycheck for the product and then a percentage of the royalties – you figure out how you want to get paid, and have your attorney draw up the contract – but you have to find someone willing to give you the go-ahead first. That’s important, finding the first client.

And that’s the secret to Writing for Profit Online. Jan Verhoeff shares her writing for profit expertise, as a consultant to writers:

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2 thoughts on “Writer for Profit – 3 Quick Ways to Write for Profit Online”

  1. In my case, they tend to find me… I write a lot of ‘content’ in various genre, and offer my writing services at the end of the article. I post those on EzineArticles.com and other article marketing sites. Info Product Producers often read an article and contact me about writing content for them. Sometimes, they use a “free article” as the basis of a document – adding my links to their content – and others grab my links or ask for my writing services. Once you contract with a producer, repeat contracts are generally based on results of marketing. If the product is successfully marketed, you get hired again. So, creating a powerful product that grabs results is in your best interest.

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