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Why would you want to write your story?

Not everyone should read it, and they probably won’t… But what about those who NEED to hear your story, because it would encourage them? Could you maybe see a little bit of your life as encouragement to someone who needs to feel better about today? What about tomorrow?

We’ve all had experiences that can make a huge difference for someone else, and when we write those down, someone benefits.

It doesn’t have to be a book. write your story

What about a blog? Could you blog your story, one little piece at a time, and make a difference in someone’s life?

Write your story.

One young mom I know writes blog posts when she’s feeling stressed, to visualize a better outcome. Sometimes she barely gets through the issues she has to deal with on the post and there’s no real answer… But she wrote it all down. And she gets comments. People tell her how they were inspired by what she wrote. They were inspired by the reality of her life. They were inspired by the transparency of who she is and all that life has handed her. But more than that, she motivates others to pursue their own ‘better days’.

Because she shows them that even at her worst, life is worth living.

She writes the good stuff too, but for a while the majority of her posts were the struggles she faced, and her readers multiplied during that time. Often encouraging her, or sharing their own struggles, and the gift… She realized she wasn’t alone. And they found someone who shared their struggle in this life.

The blessings keep pouring in.

No matter what your story… Share it.

write your story

You never know, y our story may be a masterpiece, a masterpiece worthy of sharing over and over again. You may have a best seller on your hands. But before it can be a best seller, you’ve got to WRITE your story!

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