Write a “Best Selling” Transformational Fiction

Are you meant to CHANGE LIVES?

Sometimes we are given a mission and a message. When that mission is to write a Best Selling Fiction novel that can transform lives, we may take the literary world by storm, or get stuck in the bog of ‘how the heck am I supposed to do that?’ Either way, the end result had better be the same, or we fail our life mission.

I chose to take the literary world by storm. How about you?

What started out as ‘just a way to make some instant cash’ a few years ago, became a bigger proposition, when the author I was editing for asked me to ghost write some books for him. He’d just gotten married, had books on the “deadline list” for his publisher and had to get something done. Struggling through the process of relocating, becoming a new ‘daddy’ to five exuberant young people, and learning the program with a lovely new wife had put him behind the eight ball with his publisher and gave me an opportunity. I was stoked.

Then reality set in, four days later when I received his outline. These are HIS books, written from HIS life experience, and I was stepping into a pair of very strange shoes. AND, he not only EXPECTED best-sellers out of these books, but I had to prove myself worthy, or my pay would not be completed. Worse, my golden opportunity would be nothing more than a one night stand. I had to fill his shoes.

How do you maintain another author’s voice, write their style, write their genre, and follow their outline to do it?

By reading what they write… 

That’s a step in the right direction, but I had to remember that these were totally NEW books, in a NEW genre of writing, even for this author who was a main-stay on the public forum. I had to fill his shoes, use his voice, and write in a new genre. And more than anything else, these books had to pass muster with a Professional EXPERIENCED Publisher, who already knew this guy’s work. And he wasn’t expecting a Ghost Writer to be writing these books. End result… I had to be him in print.

working titleAs the cover designer and editor of his past three books, I decided to start there, and ignite my fire for writing his book with a cover that would inspire me. By using his outline, I was able to come up with a cover that looked something like his regular style, but more specific to the new genre… Then, and only then, did I realize that the book he had me writing first was not really a fiction, but rather a fiction based on him losing his first wife to cancer, and the journey he traveled through those years.

I had to live his journey, lose his wife, and resume living – up to and including finding a new wife and these amazing five children in the new book I was supposed to write, about the transformation of a man who loses everything and overcomes the loss to find true love. All in his voice.

I think in that moment, those few moments of realization, after I’d just used a little over a third of what he paid me up front to pay off my truck, put a down payment on a house, and modestly furnished my new residence, I was nearing what might have been considered by most writers as panic. Yeah. I was definitely in panic mode, then I remembered the last words he’d said to me when he paid me to do this job… “If you need help, I’m a phone call away.”

But this was someone else’s story, with an outline already done, waiting for me to just fill in the chapters. Write the scenes based on information he’d given me, and apply the characters that I already knew to the people in the story.

What about writing my own story, making it a best-seller, and transforming lives, with what I write?

Here’s where you learn the important stuff… 

There is a stupid simple secret that comes with this program, and every writer who has ever done a transformational genre, either fiction or real, understands from the beginning. They only understand it, because someone shared it with them, and they’ve figured it out in their own writing process. I learned it by ghost writing this book for my contract author, but most writers learn it writing their own stories.

Writers all get suckered into the concept of writing a plot, creating story lines, marking up character mock-ups and ideals, or defining their character, finding good and bad, or creating functional families in writing, but the script that makes this book a transformational best-seller is bigger than all of that. And it’s real. You can grasp it in your hands and feel it. In fact, you can be so enamored by the concept that you’ll learn in this program that you won’t be able to stop writing.

You’ll be consumed.

And better yet, your reader will be consumed by what you write. 

What more can an author desire than to be so captivating to his reader that the reader can’t put the book down until it’s finished?

You’ve read that book, I’m sure… The one you couldn’t put down?

Wouldn’t you love to be the author of THAT book?

If you want to write the kind of book that will transform lives, reach millions of people, and make a difference in the future of the human race, you’ll want to learn this program.

Is it your mission to change lives? To transform the human race, one person at a time, one reader at a time, into people who care about others, who make a difference?

There is a secret to writing the best-selling transformational novel, and I share it in this quick to read, easy to learn program that you can apply, right from the confines of your own keyboard. You won’t NEED to go back to college to learn how to write, or buy a book, or even participate in some ‘other plan’ to get what you need and learn how to create your own BEST-SELLING Transformational Novel.

This is even a REAL genre where you can put your book on the list, and your book will be one of the top sellers within this genre, if you set it up and write it using these key principles, foundational concepts, and simple-stupid SECRET methods.

Here’s the deal. 

I could give this information away, but you wouldn’t take it seriously. You’d put it in your file with all the other FREE concepts and ideas, and you’d leave it there, forgotten. How do I know this? Because I’ve done the same thing.

But if I pay for something, even just a little bit of money, you can bet your bottom dollar, I’m going to use that information, because I paid for it.

You could spend several months looking for this information, and you might even find everything I’ve packed into this package, online, in easy sight, but I’ll tell ya, you won’t find EVERYTHING I’ve packed into this in one place, and you’re going to waste more time putting this information together than it would take you to earn the $7 I’m charging for this package.

transformational-fiction-thumbnail_imageMost of the information I’m loading into this package, I paid for through hard time spent getting the education, and it cost way more than the $7 I’m charging here. So, don’t be surprised if the price goes up pretty shortly. I haven’t decided yet, if I’m going to leave this report at $7 indefinitely, or raise the price. So, get it now. That’s what I’m going to recommend, get it now, before I decide to raise the price.

Even if you do nothing other than ghost-write for other authors, this package is worth WAY more than $7.

Right now, none of the authors who write transformational fiction are talking about the secret method that they use to write their best selling books. There are a lot of transformational novels on the market, and few of them are actually selling big numbers.

If you’re convinced you can’t make a difference in anyone else’s life, look around you. Have you ever read a book that lingered, that made a difference in the way you view the world? Have you been impacted on some level by principles and concepts you learned as you read a book written by someone else? Those writers used this secret.They used what I’m teach you in this book about writing transformational fiction books.

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