Transformational Fiction

Write your own Transformational Fiction!

Learn the secret of writing attention grabbing transformational fiction, the mystery-adventure that teaches improved character, inspires people to be better, and challenges your reader to accomplish greatness.

Transformational FictionHow to write – manuals help authors to write their books have been around for a while. Most stop before they get to the point of actually giving the author directive methods of writing. This short, fun, and easy read gives you 7 simple steps to write your very own best seller. It’s like having access to a direct-approach writers group. Everyone participates and gets involved in the process of writing, editing, and creating a book worthy of your readers.

If you’re looking for something to write that will make a difference, include adventure, and page turning, edge of the chair, excitement, Transformational Fiction will light up your pages. Your readers will be consumed with the value of your words.

Transformational Fiction Can Change Lives

The best part of learning to write this particular kind of fiction, your readers will appreciate the lesson learned. Because they become consumed the words of your book. In fact, your readers may find the subtle education even more helpful. Consequently, the dictatorial messages of life therapy, becomes superfluous. They solve their own problems. If you’ve overcome a few obstacles in your own life, you can share those lessons. Learn how by writing a Transformational Fiction based on your life lessons.

How much more exciting can it be to write this kind of book? Open the pages and try. Or better yet, read this book just for fun. Because between the covers of this book, you’ll find some page turning essays that will create a desire to read the REAL book.

Let’s write.

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Transformational Fiction

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