Stephan Anstey’s Pen

This series of poems are written by Stephan Anstey, one of my all-time favorite poets. I’ve shared much of his work over the years, and I always find it refreshingly brilliant. Please do leave a comment if you appreciate the poetry.

if genius is

there is candy & sweetness
but never big words
all monkeyed about
in a duvet of feathered largess

there is shit & bitterness
but never erudite themes
all giraffing their necks
toward a turret full of frugality

there is stone & symbolism
but never a garrulous gargoyle
carved into the flesh of hope

until there are an abundance of big words
erudite themes and a clamoring of whimsy
becoming the skeleton creation

Alas, for closed minds & the judgement of the tolerant

To be strange is not strange
enough. Reach for the black coat.
Wear the white shoes.
Run pantless, shirtless — naked
out on to the busy street
like a mad hoodlum high and ready
for the shackles that come
when the neighbors cry out for help.

regarding halitosis

God came down to me
on a Thursday once
to kiss me or kill me
or teach me — who can know
the ways of God?

“Pardon my breath,”
God said, “but you have to understand
Love stinks.”

the done-ness of done

the dun mare galloped
further than a thousand words
in a run-on sentence can run

sunlight, cloud, grass
pathless and unfound
i know her
i know her

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