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Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. – Winston Churchill

morning coffee newsletterSo, I learned something a little earlier today. A favorite client (I know, you’re all my favorite clients) reminded me that she sets her newsletter to arrive with the morning coffee. She wants her readers to see her message first in their inbox, so they’ll read it while they’re drinking their coffee, first thing in the morning.

And she puts some happy stuff in her newsletter so they’ll remember that she’s a good news writer, and be happy all day long, because of what she wrote. That’s her tip for marketing good stuff in her newsletter.

So, I’m trying that with my posts.

Scheduling them to be posted in the early hours of the morning, so my readers see them, enjoy them, and talk about them over coffee in the morning… That’s my plan.

Then, while you’re reading my newsletter, you’ll be contentedly sipping coffee, and spending time with the best part of your day in front of you.

So, what do you get from reading my message first?

A blessing. A writing tip. And a smile, because I’m going to hand off some smiles and laughter whenever I share the GOOD stuff that makes up my day, my writing, and my house.

As a freelance writer, my mornings are usually spent reading over the newest job offers, and melting down the magnificence of what I can do to drive traffic, create more content, or feature writing assignments prior to completing the jobs. When I finish my coffee, I grab another cup and head for the desk, because writing is what I do, every day – even the days when I’m not working. I write. Because I love words.

Writers love words.

We love every kind of words you can imagine. Good words, bad words, -ly words. They’re all our favorite words.

But the best words a writer will ever hear, are encouraging words.

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