Lost in a sea of writers?

Sometimes we have to escape land mass to find solace, peace, and tranquility.

Writers are an interesting breed. They either roll you over with massive amounts of words that overwhelm you, or they under-feed you with implications that must be defined by your own conceptual values. Poets, literary authors, and philosophers make up a brand of writer all their own… I often find myself mesmerized by their words, yet searching for more…

Join me in this adventure, as I troll the world of writers…

Heidi Dru Kortman reveals the deep undertones of the sea, from dark shadows in the water to highlights of fading light glimmering on the surface, Heidi’s words reveal the soul of a writer.

Heidi Dru KortmanCreating an impact that may haunt you, or inspire you, Heidi sets a peaceful tone with her blog posts. You’ll find resonance, poetic justice, and insight in her words, a revelation of the depth of a writer who understands the cost of disability, yet perseveres to make both a name and a life of credible strength.

Where could you find value in the simplest pleasures, and still secure the resources of one life well lived? 

Words, a writer’s words reveal her heart and soul. Take a moment and visit her blog to find yourself immersed in a gentle philosophy of loving persistence and find insights into the deep blue sea, and the world beyond.

The marvelous richness of human experience would lose something of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark valleys to traverse.

― Helen Keller 

Anstey Art & Poetry

Krystine Kercher dares to take fantasy to new levels, bringing the bedtime stories she told her children to life in a series of adventures.

Krystine KercherThere’s so much more to the story…

Whether your interest is the flowing genealogy of kingdoms, the crown, and royalty, or the story of good and evil, or even the wisdom that comes from stories foretold through the ages, these books will tickle your story bone and reveal life challenges and solutions you might need. From one page to the next, Krystine’s skillful methods of telling the story put you in on the horse in a far distant land, riding for shelter, or awaiting the arrival of the falcon. Every page brings a new idea or concept to life. Dare to read?

Or would you prefer to color? Krystine is also the master creator of a delightful animal-centric color book for adults. Find your favorite animal between the covers, and color your heart away – she offers prizes occasionally on her website at Contrary Market.



What one thing can you do to promote your book?

So where can you escape to, if you’re one of the many? Posting your links and reviews on Amazon is one way to get your name connected to a specific genre prior to publishing.

Offer up reviews for any excellent books in your genre, and let people know what else you read. Add other titles or favorite authors to your link with a phrase: “I found this book comparable to “Write Transitional Fiction” by Jan Verhoeff” for instance.

You may not be able to post a link, but people will search for the title and author if you include them. Just don’t do it every time, or it will appear that you’re trying to sell other people’s books – which really isn’t your objective. Your objective really is to offer up a quality review.


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