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Innovation writer offers insights and concepts that most may not consider relevant in day to day living, but they should… Because when you seriously look at a situation and consider all options, you find better solutions.

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Innovation writer is all about solutions.

Single, 50-something, and relatively independent on most fronts, I tend to look at things a bit differently than most… And one of the situational issues that I find interesting is romance writing. The stories are always significantly similar, and yet most don’t recognize the problem between romance stories and real life.

I could say, “real life isn’t like that” but I’d be lying, and you’d miss the point. Real life is like the romances in the stories, except it’s different.

It just isn’t the same…

In romantic writing, most authors give the girl a frame of reference such as being a professional, and then take her to a different level of life. As if there is a different ‘level’ of life? She’s placed into a setting where she has a problem of sorts, and the big tough guy who is going to be her main squeeze in the end of the book, rescues her from the problem. He solves her problem. The innovation writer offers deeper insight.

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On the off chance that the guy has the problem and the girl is the rescuer, he’s down and out and she brings him up to some level of professionalism, and they’re hooked for life.

Consequently, the level of value in the content of the average romance novel is out there with the goonies in lalaland. Innovation writer moves the story into real time.


Because most romance writers are either young and fatalistic thinking about love, or they’re older, married, and stuck. Stuck.

Storms of Insight Bring Innovative Creativity

Let’s churn up this reality a bit and give both individuals some adventurous spirit, a bit of deviant reality and defiant personalities. They really should both have lived some of life, enough to recognize that they are each independently resourceful enough to carry their own story line, without the combustible love affair in the middle of it.  But, more… The two should be sufficiently capable of giving that they can LOVE without sucking the life out of the other person.

Paula lives on the edge. Her life is filled with travel, adventure, and storms, as she binges on political drama and intrigue, but she’s comfortable inside her skin. She’s even indicated recently that she’s ready to settle down when we arrive at this particular page of the book.

“Nice,” her eyes scan down to his feet, back to his belt buckle, where she pauses for a moment, before meeting his gaze. “You clean up well.”

adventurous woman“You’re mighty fine yourself.” He nods, diving in for a kiss, with one hand on her shoulder, his thumb dipping beneath the edge of her neckline.

The kiss was flirty and light at first, maybe a bit much for public, but nice. Then, his lips parted and his tongue surprised her teeth with searching intrusion. She pulled back slightly, recognizing the difference.

He directed her to a table and they slid into the leather surround booth. His hand found her leg, and inched under the hem of her skirt while they waited for service. She let him, wondering what he had in mind. Lovers in their youth, she had less interest in the lover part of their relationship, and more in what he’d become.

Conversation brought back a flourish of memories, as she began to remember their differences. They had many. By the end of the meal, when he asked her to pick up the tab, she walked out confident that she was walking away for a reason. He needed her far more than she needed, or wanted, him. The opportunity he brought for adventure, and offered in romance, wasn’t what she desired in her life. She drove home alone.

Why does the innovation writer keep bringing back this romance, time after time?

Thought Processes Avert Storms

Innovation writer captures the audience with the stormy romance, but they don’t end the book with a romance built on the trauma of a hurricane. Reality, the kind that generates real, life-long romance, the kind that lasts through generations, comes from a place of understanding, comprehension, where two people meet and recognize the value each brings to the other’s lives. They see the complexity of fulfillment on a child level, and occasionally, these relationships start in the teen or early twenties, but a mature relationship, ignited in the later years of life, captures a different level of commitment.

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Write for your audience…

If you’re writing for teens, young twenties, or dirty old men, you can write the story with hot, fluid bodies melting into a puddle between the sheets, but not if your audience is more mature. Consequently, since the majority of book readers are coming of age, the hot steamy sex scenes are over-rated, and too often written.

A key to selling sex in a book, after the hot steamy love affairs of youth are done, is to bring with it levels of maturity, experience, and deft compulsion that reveals depth of character and worldly insight. Find your audience and pack the house with morsels of contentment that can fill them up, bring them to the edge of their chair, and rock their souls to sleep at the end of an excellent read.

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