The golden rule of blogging…

Remember in school, when you were a kid, and the teacher would remind you to follow the golden rule? Well, it didn’t just apply then, it applies now too.

If you’re a writer, a blogger, a copywriter, or a business owner where writing is what you give, you’ve probably heard “Less is more” until you want to kick someone in the teeth. Writers know the importance, and the value of added words. You can change the outcome with more words. You can also rewrite history with a good edit. But where’s the middle ground that makes the most sense? And what will it do for you?

What is the golden rule?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

That’s it. Just that simple concept of doing unto others what you would want them to do to you. If you’d want them to give you more, or give you less… Do that. Make that choice and do what you’d want others to do with you.

In writing the concept is so real…

If what you’re doing is too much, STOP. Don’t do more, do less. But do the right amount the right way.

All ways give more than you expect to get.

Golden RuleThis rule can be applied in more than writing, but always in business writing. Give more effort than you expect to get. Always GIVE More.

Don’t overthink this concept. Just do it.

When I write a project for a client, I always save any deletions. For one thing, if my mind is taking me a different way than my heart wants to go, there may be a reason. The concept the client was seeking may not be the one I understood. My heart may have heard the real request.

When I save the deletions, if at the end of the project the client says something like “I was looking for more challenge.” You can look back through your extra script and see if that’s what you originally understood. Because chances are it is. Then you can make a swift change in what you’ve done, add the challenge and get on with your next project.

Move it through the process and get to the gold. That’s a good motto. Make your customers happy, by giving them what they want the most. Your best service forward. Always do your best!

Follow the golden rule, and know you can’t out give God. He will always give back more than you give out.

“The more freely you genuinely help others without looking for anything in return from the people you help, the more generously other people will help you over the long haul.”
~Ryan Biddulph

Give freely.

The more genuinely you give to others, generously giving of yourself and your talents, the greater you will be blessed in your ability to give.

You cannot out give God.

This concept came to me many years ago, as I was giving with an outstretched hand, held open to allow others to take. I was struggling at the time, with finances, with life, with everything I had, I was struggling to survive. It felt as if everything had been taken away from me, and it hurt just to be with others. I really didn’t feel I had anything to give.

Then, one afternoon, as I sat in a coffee shop waiting for a plane, I found myself tearing up over recent struggles. I’d been invited to speak at an event that ultimately became a turning point in my career, but at the time, was just another struggle to achieve.

As tears ran down my face, I felt the red hot embarrassment of being in the public eye, open to view from others. I prayed silently, “Lord, Please take this burden from me. Allow me to give from the abundance of YOUR stores, and escape the limits of my own reality. Help me, Lord, to understand and live from your view, and not my own. My experience of this world has been tough, hard, and painful. I want to give more. I want to give from a position of power and abundance, not fear and shame. Please, Lord.”

I’d closed my eyes tight against the tears, hoping to prevent them from falling.

They fell anyway.

I sipped my coffee and wrote more notes on the pad before me. That prayer lingered. It held me captive most of the time I spent there, delayed for takeoff. I struggled through the desire to just go get in my car and go home. Finally, after yet another delay, I got up tossed my cup, put my notepad in my bag, and walked back around the corner to the bathroom. I’d decided when I came out of the bathroom, if we weren’t ready to board, I was going home.

In the bathroom, I heard a woman say, “I hate flying. I can’t imagine those poor people having to wait hours to take off for a forty-five minute flight to Kansas City. I’d go bonkers.”

I took a deep breath, splashed water on my face, and freshened my hair and clothing a bit, before I walked out. The speakers announced our flight preparing to leave in 20 minutes, and I walked to the boarding gate.

Standing in the line waiting to board, I heard a familiar voice say, “Delayed flights are an opportunity to make new friends.”

At the gate, I handed the girl my ticket and she started to stamp it, then said, “Wait, hold on a sec.” She handed my ticket to another attendant, and said, ” Is this the one?” The other attendant ran my ticket through the computer in front of her and handed me another ticket.

She said, “We had you on standby, you’ll be seated in a different row.”

I nodded, not knowing what that meant, and followed the directions for boarding.

On the plane I was seated next to the window in First Class.

“It’s a beautiful evening for a flight, isn’t it!” the familiar voice from the line seated himself next to me in First Class.

I looked up at him, grinned, and said, “Thank you, Lord?”

He raised both eyebrows and looked at me ascance. “Lord?”

“I prayed earlier for God to change my heart. I think he might have heard me.” I realized my seat had changed. And sitting next to this man whom I’d known since my youth, and considered my mentor, and a friend. I knew I was about to get a lesson in changing my heart. On this day, I would be reminded, again, of the golden rule.

We settled in for the flight, and he took my nervous hand as the plane sped up the runway to take off. My fingers clasped his and the twitch in my eye disappeared, as did the nervous twitching of my fingers. He calmed my stormy seas…

And I knew he was praying.

The flight attendant brought us juice and crackers. There was a light meal with a meat sandwich and pickles. We ate and talked.

flowersBy the time we saw the lights of Kansas City appearing out of the darkness, I felt as if I’d been lifted out of my funk into a bright new day, filled with opportunity. I’d reminded him of the little girl who sat on the front row taking notes at a meeting nearly 35 years earlier. And he remembered me. That alone was cause for celebration. He’d remembered my incredible desire to soak up every moment of training.

As I left the plane that evening, my bag over my shoulder, and the suitcase dragging behind me like a seasoned traveler, I found myself standing next to him again at the curb. The limo that had been sent for me, was also waiting for him.

“Where are you speaking?” He asked, as we settled into the limo for the ride.

I told him and he nodded. The grin on his face, grew more intense and he said, “Me too.”

I waited, allowing this moment to sink into my heart, but even more into my mind.

Then I said it, out loud. “I’m going to be speaking on the same stage as Zig Ziglar.”

He laughed. I laughed. And I realized that God had answered my prayer, even before I had spoken it. God knew I was struggling. He knew I needed support, sustenance, and encouragement. He provided the encouragement I’d known for a lifetime, the very person who had been my mentor. God provided the voice that filled my head when I questioned my ability to do the next thing.

 “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”
~Zig Ziglar

The Golden Rule of Blogging is the same as the golden rule of life. Give and give. And give more. Give some more. Then give to others. Don’t stop giving until you’ve given all you have. Give it all. Because that’s how you learn to live – is by giving.

Know that this isn’t about never having enough, it’s about giving more and knowing that you cannot possibly out give God. If you give it all away, he’ll give you more.

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