Done For You Plots?

Would you use a story plot someone else wrote for you? As a Ghost Writer, I’ve often recommended done for you plots to my writers, who need to write “more books” before they can complete a contract. Would you benefit from having “done for you plots” to write for your next book?

Having a list of done for you plots, ready to lean on, can make a huge difference. Every writer leans on something. Some lean hard on their journals and notes. Others lean hard on resources provided by others. If you’re a resource provider – here’s an idea.

Suggested Plots for Mystery Novels –

The key concepts of writing from a done for you plot might scare some writers, but those who write exponentially for income, having a list of “tried and true plots” ready to add characters, story line, and concept is a huge benefit. Finding the right suggestions for your novel might be dependent on finding someone who understands the connection between a GREAT plot and a GREAT story.

With 60% of all best sellers having a mystery plot twist, the concept of adding a mystery plot twist to your book, nearly guarantees you a best seller. Nearly, because marketing is half the plan. But seriously, if you know the quality of your plot is TOP-SHELF level, why would you not go the extra distance to market your book to the masses. In fact, I can think of some incredible Top-Shelf marketing sites online that would be thrilled to know you’re using High-Level Mystery Plots for the basis of your book. Most publishers would be ecstatic.

Defined Done For You Plots –

The key element of a great plot is knowing where to put your book when you categorize your genre. If the plot is created for you by a professional plot writer, you’re ahead of the game, because they’ve already offered you a list of likely categories:cat woman

  • Political Thriller
  • Murder Mystery
  • Sci-Fi Thriller
  • Techno Suspense
  • Adult Thriller
  • Historic Thriller
  • Literary Fiction

And they’re always happiest to have you follow their simple directives to write best sellers. You’ll recognize the best ones, not by the name of the creator, but by the sheer insight of their conceptual plot. Is there something of value in the design of the plot?

Plot Relevant Covers Add Value –

When the concept hit stone, I realized the impact of the plot would come only when cover options were included. Can you imagine not knowing what the cover would look like? I love having a cover in mind. In fact, I require it.

As a writer, I always need a working title, and a working cover. Either one of those may change before I publish, but having a go-to-cover idea gives me confidence as a writer.

My Story –

Looking back, I remember ghost writing a book for an author who had been totally stumped on his “next book” and he said, “Hey, I know this is asking a lot, but just come up with something that you can write in my voice and get started… I’ll review it when I get back from this tour.”

Honestly, I had no idea what to write, but in a previous email he’d said, “I kinda feel like I married the cat woman’s daughter, you know. We have these three cats that just recently arrived her while my mother-in-law is on vacation. They’re destroying my writing rhythm.”

So, I started the book and gave it the working title of “Cat Woman’s Daughter” – ultimately, he didn’t like it, and we totally changed the concept of the book eventually, but the working title stuck with me. To this day, I have a plot that rumbles around in the cobwebs occasionally, and the working title is “Cat Woman’s Daughter.” Yes, eventually I’ll write that book. He knows it. He doesn’t care, as long as I don’t attach his name – he’s scared to death his wife might act out the plot!

By the time he got back from his book signing tour, the book was well on its way to being completed, and the title quickly changed to something far more intriguing. The story itself wasn’t relevant to the title I’d attached to the book, but the idea remains. A working title, a basic plot, and some symbolic story lines can put your book into action, and drive you to completion. If you’ll let it.

Are you ready to write?

Do you need a plot? Are you stuck? If you’d like to have a great plot designed ready for you to write, we have those options. We also have a great program for teaching writers who have plots to sell, how to create plots they can sell on their own writer website. It’s up to you! How would you like to make a few dollars to support your writing career?

While there are many ways, as a writer to make money… This one is stellar. You get to inspire other writers. Your stories are going to be written by someone. And everyone its a writer block, sometime. You can be the solution.

Get greedy! Do something to make some instant cash, for your writing career.

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