Creatively Writing & Publishing a NEW Wave Novel

Are you ready to get published but can’t figure out what the key to creatively writing a #1 Best Seller might be? Well, let’s take a look at some of the key ingredients to TOP sellers on the Internet, and why they’re top sellers (no, I’m not going to name them).

How to write a best seller?

Find a great topic. That’s the first thing you need to do to write a best seller. I can think of several, in fact, I have a whole notebook filled to the brim with ideas, summaries, characters, and ideas for writing – so many I may not get them all written in my lifetime. I find ideas EVERYWHERE, so don’t tell me you can’t find any ideas about what to write.

adventurerAdventure writers could easily write a book about being a reporter at a riot, investigating the events, where the rioters come from, what they’re rioting for, and focus on a character who survives the vandalism, saves his family and commercial property, to overcome the disaster of a riot created by outside forces.

Romance writers could write about a cross country traveler who assists a stranded motorist and finds love on the back roads. Adventures and challenges could come from anywhere to make this story fun, exciting, and even thrilling, if the writer so desires.

Current events could be used to define characters, add adventure (ever want to chase down a clown with a death wish), and increase awareness to current realities.

Creatively Writing – Publishing Options

A significant number of writers are learning that by creating a transformational plot for their fiction novel, they have the opportunity to improve life on planet earth one reader at a time, by showing the vivid details of what makes a bad person turn their lives around and become transformed into a good person with a missing.

Write transformational fiction by creating characters who make the difference in their own life stories. 

What if your main character was –

Creative Writing – An addict?

creatively writingFollow along in his life, from that moment where he realizes he MUST get help if he’s to survive, and take him through the throws of recovery, one step at a time, focusing on the misfires, the attempts to overcome, until ultimately the addict realizes that when he takes the focus off himself and helps another.

A pyro-maniac?

Of course, the forests cannot be setting themselves on fire, but until this fireman realizes that he’s not only set a fire that endangers others… pyro maniacbecause he can’t escape from this one himself, he just keeps setting fires. And then, he has to fix his mania without revealing himself, and without allowing the love of his life to take the fall for his problem.

A psychotic killer?

Is there redemption for a man who has killed repeatedly, and intends to kill again? Consequently, will the realization that the victim in his hands is his own daughter stop him? Is that enough to change him? Or will being caught and spending the rest of his life in prison be the only answer?

What is Creative Writing?

How about creatively writing prophetically, and reveal the destination of a nation, because based on the candidate least likely to win the race? Perhaps your prophetic story could change the world? Or at least, improve the life of your reader?

Transformational Fiction

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