Write a “Best Selling” Transformational Fiction

Are you meant to CHANGE LIVES? Sometimes we are given a mission and a message. When that mission is to write a Best Selling Fiction novel that can transform lives, we may take the literary world by storm, or get stuck in the bog of ‘how the heck am I supposed to do that?’ Either way, …

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Adjectives Can Make You Money

That’s right. All those -ly words you’ve been deleting from your books should be put back, and you should be adding more. Words like hilarious, beautiful, genuine, and vibrant could be making you millions. If we’d only known…. When you’re writing a story you feel passionate about, and adding in those adjectives that describe your …

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Writing Dialogue with Flair

B-u-r-p. “Please, say excuse me.” B-U-R-P. “Please use your manners, Tony.” B-U-R-P! “Tony, I’m not going to tell you again,” Mom stated. “If you don’t use your manners, go to your room.” “But, I’d rather stay here.” Tony argued. “No. Go to your room. Now!” Mom emphasized the now as if it were all capitalized. She …

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