Always write with purpose in mind…

Don’t waste your time writing fluff. When I hear people talk about what to write, I wonder why they don’t have a purpose? If you have a purpose for what you write, you NEVER wonder what to write. Never.

Seriously, it’s a specific kind of purpose that makes your words flow and if you know the reason, your words will keep up. Words will keep  up. It’s a truth that isn’t ever wrong.

What’s your purpose? 

What’s the game plan for writing your next book? Do you have one? Have you determined why you’re writing it?

Yes, entertaining your reader is a purpose, and you’re welcome to use that if you choose. But you might want to think if there might be a better reason to write this book, especially if  you’re struggling to put the words in print. What’s your purpose?write with purpose

Having a specific purpose for writing helps you promote the effort with more acuity and promise. Give your definition of writing a solid basis value of purpose and you’ll gain a solid value for your effort.

Write to help others.

When the words you put on paper help others to gain clarity, focus, and ability to achieve their dreams, you’re helping them. You’re giving the reader a gift of support, encouragement, or motivation. And that matters. Yes, it matters that you’re giving them a whole value when you write.

Condense your message. 

The struggle to keep it succinct and get to the point can be totally real, but you can stay on target point, if you focus on the message. By sticking to your purpose for writing, you gain insight and passion for the specific item you intend to give away. That one thing is all you need to give.

A cup of tea is intentionally just a small cup. If it’s more than a cup, the teabag becomes diluted, and the tea less flavorful. And worse, since your tea isn’t as tasty, you don’t gain the whole value of having a cup of tea. Nobody relaxes much when they’re sipping a cup of cold tea, but a cup of hot flavorful tea can bring a world of calm to your heart. 

Stir the heart.

Maybe the most important reason of all is to stir the heart of your reader. This morning, I read a message from a friend about a recurrent dream. In each dream she sees her killer and is smothered with a pillow, shaken… She awakes, fearful, afraid of what is happening, and it takes a moment or two to calm down. When the heart is stirred, there’s angst among us. When an author writes to stir the heart, he must also offer appeasement, understanding, comprehension, and solutions. The power of a stirred heart, anxiety, and an edge of the chair hook, must be brought back to reality with a pause, calm, and answers. Truly a writer must know the power he has over his reader and offer up those conditions.

Compel action with your written word.

Dear sweet, curious innocence, your reader must be moved to action after reading your words. If you compel no action, motivate none, and encourage no change in behavior, your writing has been for naught. A murderous villain in your book, must instill great fear in your reader, set them on the edge of their chair, and give their heart a quiver… And yet, as the writer, in control of your words, you must compel your reader to take action. Send them off to gather a cup of tea to quench their thirst, or invite them to save the innocent victim. Give the reader a job to do as they catapult through the pages of your book.

Clarify the mind. 

Take a risk and write directly to your reader. Bring him into your book. Challenge his mind to follow you page after page, alleviating his life troubles to follow you through the storyline where solutions abound. Give your reader answers to real life problems. Focus him on the mighty hand of God piercing the darkness in the midst of his troubles. Give him answers with your purposeful writing and message. Write clearly and bring your reader to the value of your pages, with comprehensive solutions.

Write to produce results.

The pages of your book are your world. Your message to the world includes answers, solutions your reader has no access to, except by your words. Open up the answer book and give your reader solutions. One step at a time you can push your reader through the maze of struggles to the solution that soothes his soul and makes him a whole man again at the end of the book… Or you can keep a bit of his soul, and hold onto it, so he forever needs more of what you offered, then took away. You don’t have to give it all back.

You can always write to capture the heart of your reader and carry them with you, like trinkets on a bracelet. However, if you do… You need to know you are the protector of their heart, and create for them another story.


Just write… When you have a purpose, your words will do what they need to do, because your purpose is real. Make the difference, by writing for your goal, and keep writing.

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