Adjectives Can Make You Money

That’s right. All those -ly words you’ve been deleting from your books should be put back, and you should be adding more. Words like hilarious, beautiful, genuine, and vibrant could be making you millions.

If we’d only known….

Tell Your StoryWhen you’re writing a story you feel passionate about, and adding in those adjectives that describe your characters, settings, and scenes in stylish, high-quality ways, people read them. That’s how you get rich. People read what you write.

Minimalist writers don’t get the same results from their writing that a classically, elegant author gets, and we know why. Of course, we know why. Their work doesn’t draw in the reader, make them feel comfortable, warm and squishy inside, like the author who uses adjectives.

Fun, sporty writers who creatively use exotic, rich, detailed scenes, and introduce vibrant characters to their books, have so much more success, because their writing is eloquent. Very nearly poetic prose has a rhythm that captivates the reader.

Once your reader is captivated by the prose, the story flows. Your words become fluid magnets for attention. Layered scenes with natural characters that grow with your story will keep your readers turning pages.

Go write something… Use adjectives.

By the way, if you’re getting paid by the word, use lots of adjectives. They’re the one type of word that you can over-use and still sound like a professional writer.

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