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By Jan Verhoeff

I have a few favorite authors. Don’t let that scare you away, they’re not the stodgy old croutons who wrote prose on top of prose to become literary sonnets of yore. My favorite ACE writers are current day pioneers who venture into the world of authoring with their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks. Intent: to have a good time!

“We have a message to write!” says one favorite author.

The impact of this incredible bit of wisdom is not lost on me. So, when I read an article from one of my favorite authors, I generally share it in a way that gets noticed by other writers. These are important, valuable, writer encouragements. You should read them.

Fear of Writing

Dianne E. Butts is a non-fiction author who writes research documents, books, and other worthy publications like an old pro. But she isn’t. She’s a vibrant, young writer who dabbles on the edge of New Age Writer Styles, and collaborates with ‘the stars’. Her inspiration can be found in the Bible, more often than not. And you’d be remiss as an author if you didn’t follow her works. Trust me on this. It’s important.

“Critiquing is good. It’s a good way to grow and learn and help each other. But we also need a friend who isn’t going to rip our writing apart. We need a writing friend who can help us.” Read more…
I grew up, as a writer, in a writer’s group she initiated in my hometown. That group was the fore-runner to this website (ACE Writers), and the group that eventually sent writers out into the world, published at least once, many of us several times, and working hard to move past the ironies of those early publications.

Life as an author can be rather unforgiving. But, we love it. And the Fear of Writing article – links included, is one of the more sincere reveals of our trade.

Write Your Story for Profit

The key code of writing your story for profit, as an ACE Writer, is knowing your style and being absolutely fearless, unstoppable, as you write. Every writer has a style.

There are many tricks to writing your story.

  • First lines should grab your reader by the gonads and hold them hostage until they read the last lines.
  • Titles must effectively hint at the story without giving it away.
  • Sub-titles, chapter headings, and other ‘inklings’ should reveal enough, but not too much.
  • Edge of the chair adventure isn’t necessarily daring or elicit. For many writers, it’s simply an edgy style of writing that keeps the reader turning pages, hanging on every word, and smitten until the final page.
  • Words, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation rules are written to be broken. Nuff said.

If you’re writing your story for some reason other than profit… Why waste your time?

Any legitimate author believes their story is an important message and must be read. Your work must include your message, and your message must be profitable, or you won’t be able to continue spewing it over the masses of white pages. YOU are deserving of your pay, when your writing is worthy of the page.

Ultimately, your story must have a message to be profitable.

Transformational Fiction

Even fiction can have a message.

ACE Writers Message

ACE Writers Message

“You have an obligation to get your life changing message out to the world,” says Jeff Herring, content marketer and author of his message.

We sometimes forget the importance of being heard, when we’re given a message. As people who are given specific messages, words to write, an opinion intent on being heard, we miss the opportunity to capture the value of our message in profit. And yet… we must.

The challenge from ACE Writers is to go forth with confidence and share your message with the intent to make a profit from the chosen method of sharing. If you’re writing a book – sell it. If you’re writing content, get something back… Traffic, profit, links, value… Find your value! This is important.

There are many ways to profit from writing a book beyond selling your book for high-dollars.

Profitable Writing Ventures

Of course, you could write your story and give it away. Many do. The secret of this method of putting your story in print is to sell marketing pages within your book. Put the book in the hands of your marketing agents, in exchange for cash money up front. They pay you to write your book, in exchange for ad space inside the cover – or perhaps on the back cover?

Sell your story as a ghost written venture to someone who doesn’t have a story? Perhaps the real estate mogul doesn’t have a ‘best house sold story’ but you do? Sell him your story, in exchange for marketing his real estate business. Your efforts to write the story, and of course your details, are sufficient enough to be paid cash up front, and balance on completion. Your message is worthy.

What you put in your message, where you market your message, and how you spill your message to the world can make a huge difference in the profitability of your writing ventures. If you need a good consultant – click on the link below:

Hire a consultant

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