7 Steps to Marketing Your Book Successfully

Publishers no longer market books for you, you have to do it yourself.

Frequently, I get calls from writers who need to market their books and don’t have a clue where to start. They may have a few scheduled events for book signings, but more often than not, they’re hoping since they wrote it – the world will find it.

This just isn’t possible if you don’t do some marketing and promotion yourself. There are many ways to accomplish that, and while some can be expensive, some can be totally affordable too.

Try one of these:

1 – Help those who would read your book to find it. Do you know who your audience is? Write to them. Write blog posts to those people and post them on relevant blogs. Most bloggers will allow guest posters to post an informative article on their site, as long as it’s of interest to their readers. Find topics of interest to your readers and blogs on those topics, then offer to write a blog post in exchange for posting a link, or graphic of your book on the site.

2 – Take an active part in marketing your book. Promote your book everywhere you go online and offline. Share information about your book, maybe quotes or graphics, on social media, in conversation, and at the local library. Show up with Bookmarks that include a link to your book and give them to everyone.

3 – Build your tribe and encourage them to market for you too. Anyone you know can and should be willing to share a link to your book on social media. Ask. Invite them to read your book and share their review online.

4 – Create a promotional packet that can be shared with your tribe. Include graphics, images, links, excerpts, and sample Facebook shares and Tweets, that can be sent to bloggers upon request.

5 – If you don’t have a website, two words: GET ONE. A website offers a place to send readers who want to know more about your book, a way to grow your marketing list, and someplace where you can showcase your writing. Make sure you blog frequently on your website, to build interest in what you’re writing.

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6 – Write another book. This is key. Once you’re published, publish more books. The more books you have out there, being read, the more you’ll be able to sell. People who like your book will like more of your books.

7 – Press release all events to local papers, radio stations, and television stations. You never know when your filler copy might be the headline for the day. GET active, you’re an author, and you’re somebody important, so do ‘important’ things like visit the local chamber of commerce and introduce yourself to business people in your area, become known.

These are just a limited FEW of the amazing things that you can do to market your own book, if you’d like a consult to plan a more in depth marketing strategy for your book, contact our consultant.

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