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5 Easy Ways to Market Your Book for FREE

You’ve finished writing your book, but how do you market your book for free? Really! The big deal with marketing is that when you don’t have the right steps in place to drive traffic and build your platform, marketing can get really expensive. But who wants to pay for book buyers?

market your book for free

If your book isn’t selling, you’ve got to find a way to get it seen, reviewed, and purchased. The fastest ways to do that may include sending out copies of your book to friends and inviting them to review your book. However… Amazon frowns on ‘friendly reviewers’ and prefers the random reviews of people who don’t know you.

You Are Not AloneSo how do you get those fresh reviews from people who don’t know you?

Invite people to read your book – and ask for a review.

Twitter is a great way to capture reviews, because other writers need reviews of their books too. By reviewing your book, a writer posts their name on a book that is being seen. When you actively market your book, an author can tell. They’ll review your book hoping to be seen as a positive reviewer. And… Hey, they get to show a sample of their own writing style in the review.

Make those reviews a priority, by adding an invitation to review your book in the description of your book.

Just say, “Hey, if you like my book, please leave a review!”

Market Your Book for Free

Amp up marketing online with Twitter snippets. 140 characters is enough to market your book for free, if you get creative.

Do you have a character that rivals a celebrity? How about a political figure? Is your main character drop dead gorgeous? Twitter blasting your character’s quotes offers a great way to grab attention and bring in readers – post a link.

Tweet reviews! Heck yeah, I do. When someone reviews my book on Amazon, I send them out a tweet, and link to the reviewer if I can find them online. Great way to promote your reviewers, and get more reviews! And really, it costs nothing.

Summer Adventure

Commenting on other Book Review Sites – and leaving your details (be sure to fill out the website link portion of the signature tab) is a great way to promote your own book.

Talk about the book on the site, and then say… “I love promoting and talking about books. That’s why I wrote “My Book Title” and I hope you’ll check it out.”

Do NOT leave a link in the body of your message because it will get you deleted on most sites, but they want a link under your name. Leave one there.

Review the reviews! When you find a great book review on Amazon, or a book review site, be sure to comment and leave a reference people can search. The Book Reviewer may check back and appreciate your comment. If they like it, they might even search out your book and review your book too.

What an awesome way to get reviews and drive traffic and buyers! Use your noggin to drive buyers. It works!

Market Your Book Consistently

Probably the easiest way to market your book for free is to market it consistently. Do something every day.

Ideally, I recommend doing something to market your book every single day. Nothing huge, but just something of value every day. If you’re writing a blog post once a day – it doesn’t have to be huge, 15 minutes of blog post writing, and 15 minutes of commenting on other blogs to drive traffic, twitter, Facebook, and maybe a comment on LinkedIn and you’re off to do your day.

“You’ve prayed for this moment! Let me make you a great nation.” ~God

Creating a viral blog post is amazing, and if you can create a blog post that goes viral – it will market your book for you – but the key really is grabbing a bit of traffic every day.

Invite comments. Ask questions. Bring in traffic to grab an answer or a solution. the key is to bring people to your site, and invite them back.

Get Creative to Market Your Book

What can you do to step out of the book marketing box and market your book creatively?

Creative Book Marketing IdeasDoes your book connect to events happening around the world right now? With all the political upheaval, and our world in crisis, whether you’re a single mom or not, right now you may be feeling pretty much alone. So wouldn’t it benefit you to know You Are Not Alone? By connecting your book to current events, you make it a necessary item to share during the crisis or event. People who hadn’t even thought of your book, might share it as a part of the event. Better… The ad marketers might connect the dots and post your book as part of an event ad.

Advertisers are always seeking connected marketing options, especially when they get affiliate income from the product, so they’ll sell your product on their event page. The connection works. People click on the link to buy. And the results are profitable. But even better… Your book gets to be connected and popular when people think of a specific event. Market your book for free by just connecting it to a current event.

Presentation is everything. Don’t forget to create a great cover, and offer your book with some fun and innovative marketing ideas.

Stir up some controversy, or invite someone to write a blog post about you? Guest blog on other writer’s blogs. Offer up interviews and get seen online! Be visible.

Give your book as gifts, or offer up rewards and give your book away! Interview other writers and ask them to read your book.

The point is, the more creative you get, the easier it is to market your book for free.

Have a Book Signing Party

When Oris George finished his book, he created a stroll down memory lane at the local library and invited friends and neighbors to bring their favorite baked goodies for a “lawn party” where he read from his book, shook hands with neighbors, and sold his books. Autographing your book to give to a neighbor or friend is a great way to capture the warmer market. Your friends want a book autographed to them.

online with JanWhatever your book title, if you’ve got a group of friends who will invite their friends, you’ve got a party. Celebrate your book publication with a tea party.

Locally, we have an incredible castle near Garden of the Gods where we can schedule a tea party, or have an event hosted, without a lot of personal responsibility. You invite a group of friends and schedule the event, then everyone shows up and you get to provide entertainment!

Glen Eyrie Castle is one of our favorite local hot spots, and a real boost for book marketers. Writers occasionally take advantage of their weekend package, to getaway and write.

One summer weekend, as I strolled through the area, I recognize three other writers who had escaped to the Castle for inspiration, respite, and balance in their lives. We’re growing in numbers, and you never know who you might meet. Plan a Tea Party to share your book at a local hot spot, and see what happens. You may stir up a nest of inspiration, too.

Market Your Book By List

How you present your book online can be as important as the content itself. Occasionally, there’s a variation of nuances that sell a book – and you find those nuances to be invaluable as the marketer. One of the primary differences I’ve found is in cover and presentation. How you present your book to the world can make all the difference in who buys your book. And how many copies you sell.

Marketing Strategies for WritersWhen you get past the hot summer night, or a dark and stormy night, or rain splashed windows, the book is written, you’re published, what then? Marketing your book can be as easy as you make it… Or as difficult.

market your book When I realized the value of marketing my books online, I realized there’s a wide variety of difference in marketing techniques and strategies. What works in one market won’t necessarily work in another, and visa versa. But the key is to market your books in the right niche.

Are you inspiring your authors?

Do you ignite their imagination and push them into motivation status? Or do you simply give them an inkling and let them feel the encouragement grow?

There are different kinds of people in each marketing niche, and how you present your product to those niches will determine the ability of your product to make a profit. In one recent test market I found an equal number of buyers in each category, but with resoundingly different results. Buyers in one category sought out inspiration. Buyers in the other category needed only information.

Both wanted to participate in marketing groups.  One desired only written materials. The other wanted to participate in the live classes, and was more than willing to pay for the live interaction and cost of the live classes.

Finding the Key to Market Your Books

The key ingredient to market your books for free is finding innovative fun ways to share your content, bring in an audience, and generate traffic to your website. If you can bring in enough traffic they will buy your book, because YOU are the star of your show, and they’ll want to know more of what you do. Market yourself first!

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