Write Your Story

write Your StoryEveryone has a book in their heart, and yes, you can write your story.

At least that’s the story we’ve been told. And as a writer, I tend to believe it. Consequently, my objective is to convince you to write your story.

But what is your story?

Did you know your story matters? It really does, and you tell it a lot over the years, so why not write it down?

Every element of your story matters. Especially relevant to your success, the story you have lived should be shared. Rather than hide it away, why don’t you share it in print?

Why not put it in print?

Whether your story is real life, with actual people, places, and events, or fiction based on real life, putting your story in print is one amazing great opportunity that has come out of technology. Not only can you write it with the ease of telling it into a microphone – but you can publish it for the world to purchase, with equal ease. How about that?

Would you write your story, if you knew beyond any question that by writing your story, you’d be helping other people? Would your story make a difference?

Often we believe the opposite. Due to lack of confidence, we may believe our story doesn’t matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather than find an excuse… You should write your story. Share the solutions you found. Because your solutions will be solutions for others.

Most of us have overcome something in our lives. What we learned from that can be shared with others. The key is knowing what you did to overcome the struggles you’ve experienced in your life. Your solutions are their solutions. Put those in print. Write your story.

Write Your Story

I worked with a group of writers in southeastern Colorado for several summers, teaching various courses, helping with writer techniques, learning how to apply grammar and punctuation processes, so the average writer could be a published, best selling author. But there’s more to writing than just putting the words into print and publishing. Once published, there’s marketing, selling your book, generating a platform for buyers, and so much more… I teach all of that too, in a fun, easy format that you can keep, replicate, and do with your own published works.

Furthermore, several amazing books came out of those training sessions.

Publish Your Story

How would you feel if you could publish your book, and find the perfect market? A place where your readers leave comments and recommendations? A platform for marketing your book to their friends, and their friends, and their friends? How would it make you feel if we could create a fun to read, super-easy, story of your life that would make a difference for others? Would it be pretty cool to see your book go viral on the Internet?

Let’s do that!

Tell Your Story

The key to this program is the process of doing each step of this program one-step-at-a-time, until your book is published, selling, and hitting the charts.

In this course, you’ll learn:

#1 – 10 easy ways to write your story, create your Kindle series, and fulfill your desire to publish your story for the world to read.

#2 – The easiest steps to setting up the program of writing and marketing your book, to create a powerful, attention grabbing, personal platform that will magnetically attract readers, book buyers, and promoters to your program.

#3 – Profound methods of parking your website on the front page of the search engines, without really trying.

#4 – Quick and easy ways to use your story to make a profit, make a difference, and make a life for yourself – through published assets.

#5 – Easy access to other online writers, published authors, and successful marketers who have developed their own successful story using the ACE Writers Blueprint.

There’s no charge for the first step of this program.

Simply fill out the form below and join us on our blog, where we post tips, suggestions, and ideas for publishing your very own well written story:

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